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-November 4, 2021 at 3:01 p.m. Pacific Time

Magicycle launched a full-power wide tire cruiser, including a comfortable attitude and a lot of extra goodies, breaking into the American electric bicycle market. The high-power 52v power system can climb almost any hillside, and the whole house commuter accessories can deal with almost any situation. With its clean appearance and decent components, Magiccycle Cruiser has a lot to love.

Magiccycles, founded by Wade, focuses more directly on manufacturing because the company has established its own factory in Wuxi, China. Wade was inspired by an act of filial piety. 11 years ago, this effort started to solve his father's arthritis. Now, Magiccycles has produced more than 300,000 units between factories in China and Poland.

The core of Magicycle Cruiser is a powerful electric bicycle. Some of the most prolific electric bicycles on the market use 36-volt batteries, while many other electric bicycles use a 48-volt system to power cycling. Magicycle chose a 52v system to add extra power and impact experience. Don't relax, the battery has a rated power of 15ah, which ensures that only a short trip will not swallow high power. It can travel 60 miles on a single charge, and the Magiccycle Cruiser can definitely provide power and endurance.

Connecting to the power system is intuitive and simple. The bike includes a full-color LCD display for easy reading and easy-to-understand controls. Using the remote switch located on the left handlebar, the central display can instantly change the pedal assist and access riding indicators such as stroke settings, average speed, maximum speed, etc. In addition, the integrated headlights and taillights are powered by the main battery pack, freeing riders from the hassle of replacing batteries.

In terms of mechanics, all the familiar components are gathered together: Shimano 7-speed gears, KCM anti-rust chain, alloy front suspension, 180mm mechanical disc brakes, comfortable handles and wide saddles for easy riding. The 18-inch frame size can accommodate a variety of riders, and still provides a leisurely ride with cruiser handlebars, so that anyone can enjoy a comfortable ride. The rear-mounted bracket can support the bike's weight of 75 pounds, even when fully loaded with extra cargo.

Magicycle Cruiser includes all necessary accessories to allow commuters to start on the road immediately upon arrival. The integrated rear luggage rack can accommodate standard and thin luggage rack rails, and the full-coverage fender keeps the rider on the road. Combined with lights, these are standard on commuter bikes, but the addition of bike locks, top tube pockets and sports alarms has a compelling value proposition.

The bicycle comes with a combination coil lock, which is used to lock the bicycle during a business trip or work. The coil lock can be cut with simple tools and a little determination, but Magicycle may have thought of this. It also includes a bicycle exercise alert. The motion alarm is activated by the included remote control key. With a simple button, the bicycle will be armed, and if the bicycle is shaken or bumped during an attempted theft, it will make a miserable sound. The combination of these two anti-theft methods provides peace of mind for commuters on the road.

Finally, Cruiser includes a top tube bag with a touch screen to access the phone window. Except for the cell phone compartment on the lid, the bag itself is waterproof and can hold about two apple-sized items.

Although Magiccycles Cruiser is capable of off-road adventure and easy cruising, the commuter design and accessories are an easy way to justify other fun and exciting electric bikes. The first 100 lucky customers can save $200 by using the promo code "ELECTREK", and the discount ends on October 31.

You can now order the MAGICYCLE CRUISER all-terrain fat tire electric bike at a special price of $1599. And pre-order the Step-Thru model, which will be delivered in November.

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