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2021-12-14 12:49:32 By : Ms. Francesca Song

The tax credits in the Democratic Party’s "Rebuild Better Act" can incentivize Americans to buy electric bicycles.

By Margo Milanowski | Published on December 8, 2021 at 8:00 PM

Biden's Build Back Better bill may save you a lot of change in new electric bikes because it includes tax credits for increasingly popular modes of transportation. The United States provides a large number of subsidies for electric vehicles, such as a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500 for eligible vehicles, but this is the first tax credit specifically for electric bicycles. 

This green vehicle is like an ordinary bicycle, but equipped with a battery-powered motor to reduce the need for trampling, making it easier for you to go to work or reach the desired destination without sweating. 

According to a 2020 report by the Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecom Group, by 2023, sales of electric bicycles are expected to reach 130 million units, generating approximately US$20 billion in revenue. In some urban spaces, as more bicycle lanes increase, the existence of electric bicycles may become more common, and cities use electric bicycles in their bicycle-sharing fleets. Better batteries can achieve longer charging times (up to 50 miles on a single charge), making more modern electric bicycles more cost-effective than older models, especially better than ordinary bicycles. These are just some of the reasons why the electric bicycle tax credit was included in the "Rebuild Better" bill that has been passed in the House of Representatives. Electric bicycle legislation is only part of the bill, which includes various measures aimed at increasing the adoption of green transportation. 

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If certain citizens purchase electric bicycles under $4,000, the credit will provide them with a 30% refundable tax credit. For those whose personal income is less than US$75,000 or the income of the joint filer is less than US$150,000, the purchase of electric bicycles can obtain a credit line of up to US$900 per person per bicycle. According to Grist, as income levels increase, credit is phased out, which seems to be a way to recycle low-income earners who have historically missed green incentives. This is slightly different from the original proposal in the bill for a maximum of $9,000 in bicycle refunds of 30%, but a reduction like this would help pass the bill through the House of Representatives. Another bicycle-related tax deduction in the bill is the monthly pre-tax benefit for bicycle commuters, which has been increased from $20 to $81 per month. This pre-tax benefit aims to pay for the possible costs of using bicycles, such as membership in bicycle sharing programs.

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For the technological advancement that has gained most of the popularity in this century, lithium-ion batteries have just paved the way for the increase in the use of electric bicycles in the past few years. If this tax credit is put into practice as a milestone in the industry. Other independent legislation on electric bicycles has been introduced, including the "E-Bike Act" in the Senate, which also proposes to provide tax credits for electric bicycle purchases. Proponents believe that the inclusion of these vehicles in the "Rebuild Better" bill is essential to alleviate climate change, because these bicycles can replace some short-distance car trips. 

In order for this special legislation on electric bicycles to be in place, the "Rebuild Better" bill still needs to be passed in the Senate. A vote on the plan is expected before Christmas. 

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